21 Sept 2015

Review: The Grave of Lainey Grace

Had to put these stars up here, so you know how amazing The Grave of Lainey Grace is, before even reading my review.

Briar Ann, ten years, waits for the roses to appear to the grave of Lainey Grace. No one knows who delivers the roses, who they are, and most importantly: Who is the mysterious Lainey Grace?
The cemetery workers have tried to prevent the rose-givers from coming, but each year after the last fall leaf has fallen from the trees, the roses appear on the grave.

I really loved the story of Lainey Grace. Though you only get bits and pieces of it and you have to fill the blanks yourself, the story is beautiful. And I have to admit that it made me cry, just because of the amount of love and belief in the end.

The start of The Grave of Lainey Grace was maybe a bit slow, but in the end, it didn't matter at all. Maybe slowness of the beginning maybe more meaningful in the end, like sometimes the most uneventful times might just be the most important.

The things I learnt during the book were so basic, that many people choose to ignore them. It taught me what it is to be sad and disappointed. What it is to forgive and apologise. What it is to wonder and believe in things, even when everyone else don't believe in it. What it is to be happy and what is love. And most importantly: what is the beauty of living.

Aaron Galvin has done such an amazing work with this book, and I am so thankful of getting to read it. It really deserves its stars.

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