24 Feb 2017

Read everywhere - literally

When your everyday consists of To Go-coffee cups and quick snacks, there simply isn't time to sit down and read. Fret not! There is an easy solution for this problem and nowadays I live by it. Just read. Anywhere. Anytime.

Here's the three step program:

22 Feb 2017

Review: Spectra

             ''  Lord, those who die still live in Your presence, their lives change but do not end.  ''


We see what we want see. But before our eyes lies a city full of paranormal, the city of Nachtwelt. They have their own society and laws. They look like us on the outside, but what's inside matters the most.
Spectra helps people to disappear. Her life seems pretty straightforward for an outsider but when stepping into her shoes, one realises that she is much more than a mere human forger. In fact, she isn't a human. And if not a human, then what?

20 Feb 2017

Review: Wayfarers Highway


'' '' Our tale isn't a happy one. It deals with many things that are powerful and dangerous in our time. Worst of all, it's a story that hasn't ended yet. And much of it is happening because Orson here ruined his entire life.'' ''

When I read those words, I had high hopes that the story would take a turn out to be a great one. I must say I'm a bit disappointed. I was looking for something full of humour and fast paced. Instead with widely descriptive language Wayfarers Highway turned out to be something else entirely.

The story is mostly told from the point of view of the protagonist

17 Feb 2017

# The Ultimate Book Tag

The Ultimate Book Tag. I was a bit afraid to take this on, but here I am, on the verge of diving.

1. Do you get sick while reading in the car? 

No, I tend to zoom into the page so effectively that the outside world simply ceases to exist (on the rare occasion I actually have time to read in the car).

2. Which author's writing style is completely unique to you and why?

15 Feb 2017

Review: Reaper's Claim (Satan's Sons MC #1)


''Our story was never a love story. It was more of a cocktail of sorrows mixed with the odd good moment. It was short, it was bitter, and it left a permanent scar on my great; not to mention a bad aftertaste.''

 There's something pulling me towards Motorcycle Club books, specially if there's a love story behind it. I haven't read a lot of them, but from those I've read, this was the best.

 Told from the multiple point of views, Reaper's Claim kidnapped me and held me captive until the last page. Being inside the MC's life and ways felt realistic to me, since my knowledge is based only on the books I've read. And I can't complain about the guys, they just seem to be on fire.

14 Feb 2017

How to save a life - I forgot a book inside a bag with a wet towel

There are two things with what books don't mix: Fire and Water. In my case, it was water.I was coming from work and forgot  Furies' Bog inside my bag. No biggie, right? Except if you work as a swimming teacher and your bag is full of wet towels and other equipment.

So if you're wondering why there was no Friday Ramble ON Friday, the reason is that I wanted to wait until Furies' Bog had a chance to recover so I could get the 'After' picture. And since it has been recovering the whole weekend, I obviously could not have read it. Fret not! There's still going to be a review on Wednesday!

6 Feb 2017

Review: Empire of Storms


Have you already read Queen of Shadows and/or Empire of Storms?

If you answered 'yes', you may continue.

If you answered no, proceed at your own risk.

'' The world began and ended in fire. ''
★ ★ ★ ★ ★


3 Feb 2017

February's TBR and a bit more

I've been a bit lazy reader in January, only to finish five books. Now that the month of February is here and my reviewing schedule intensifies by a lot, I thought that I'd let you know what's happening in the next five weeks.

If I complete all these reviews on time, I become unstoppable. The Magician's Workshop being the shortest book, with 247 pages, but the rest of them on my list are a bit longer. [Author's gaze zooms to the distance and a hint of desperation can be sensed, as she realises the number of pages she's going to read in the next five weeks.]