30 Jan 2017

Review: We Were Liars

''Be normal, now. Right now.
Because you are. Because you can be.''


Once upon a time, on an island, lived four liars. They were beautiful children from a beautiful family. The perfect children smiled when told to, spoke as expected and kept their heads up high. They were the Sinclairs. They had square chins and fair hair. They were perfect. That's how you see them. Underneath the surface lies the truth. And the truth has never seen the light of the day before.

Cadence Sinclair Eastman spends her summers on the Beechwood island, owned by her Grandfather, Harris Sinclair. As a first born grandchild, a lot is expected from her. She doesn't want to meet those expectations, though. She wants to rebel. She just wants her family to be normal, not the Sinclairs with a stiff upper lip.

27 Jan 2017

# The Seven Deadly Sins

 Tell us all your secrets. Confess your sins. What are you hiding in your closet? I can't say anything for you, but me. I have lots of dusty skeletons buried.

I Originally found this tag on Tumblr ages ago and, honestly, haven't got the faintest of idea on whose blog it was. So sorry, thank you for ´the original creator though, this was a lot of fun. 

It's time to confess my seven deadly sins. Tag yours in the comments below if you have confessed your own and I'll be sure to check them out!

23 Jan 2017

Review: The Infernal Devices trilogy


“Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry.”
Oh boy, did I get influenced. The trilogy that changed my world. I read these after I'd read the City of Ashes, from the Mortal instruments series, and after I had one of my worst reading slumps.

Following the story of the Tessa, Will and Jem in the London Institute changed the way I saw the world. This trilogy made me laugh, made me cry, made feel. Following their life through their hardships made me see another angle of life. 

20 Jan 2017

Pancakes for breakfast and reading in public

I made pancakes. I never make pancakes, especially not for breakfast. But here I am, eating pancakes and drinking hot chocolate. Usually my breakfast consists of caffeine, sugar and caffeine.

Anyways. You know the feeling when you're reading in public and someone just stares at you? Like shamelessly gapes? Hello, you random! Yes, I'm reading, no, it's not weird.

16 Jan 2017

Reviewish: Adulthood Is A Myth


Adulthood can be tough. It can kick you in the face when you least expect it. It will load you up with different responsibilities that you didn't even know existed. You'll hate most of it. Some days it's great, but somedays it's just a myth.

I found my everyday printed on the paper. It was horrifying how truthful the strips were.

So if you're feeling not-so-adultish, pick this one up. It truly proves that the Adulthood Is A Myth.

13 Jan 2017

When the time is right...

 You are staring at your bookshelves and nothing, absolutely nothing, piques your interest. Why is that? You just stand there on the verge of giving up, on the verge of total desperation. Scanning and scanning. Shelf after a shelf. Nothing. You almost turn away, readying yourself to do something else, like homework or cleaning. And then...

9 Jan 2017

Review: What Light


'' ''No matter what happens, it's going to be bittersweet.'' ''

How right you were. It turned out to be bitter sweet that I, yes, ladies and gentlemen, I was like train wreck afterwards. And no one even died, uhm, spoiler alert.

Sierra's entire life has been Christmas. Living in a Christmas tree farm and travelling down to California every December is how she's used to spending her holiday season. This year things are different, though. Her parents say it might be their last year, so she has to make the most of it. But what could happen in a month? A lot, and it's oh so bittersweet.

6 Jan 2017

#Would You Rather

First Friday of the year and it's also time for the first Friday post, as promised.

Would you rather was a game we mostly played on Birthdays or other such parties, when I was younger, though the topics usually circled around boys and things too disgusting to eat. Therefore, would I...

2 Jan 2017

Review: I Was a Bitch

''Oh, old life, how I wish I remembered thee.''


Meet Lacey Amanda Jones, an eighteen-year-old who woke up in a hospital room after a two month coma. Instead of just returning to her old life, she has a mystery to solve and, conveniently, two years of her memory has disappeared. If the missing memory wasn't enough, there are two smoking hot guys with her, the first claiming to be her boyfriend. Who can she trust when everything around her seem to be either speaking half-truths or downright lying.