29 Aug 2015

Review: Fangirl (and fangirling Fangirl)

First there were the shaking hands. Then the difficulty of breathing. Then denial. Then shock. Then the inability to write a review.

So here I am, forcing myself to think even a bit rationally, so I can get back to cleaning my room (which is Filthy).

Fangirl was...
Amazing, beautiful, purely genious, sweet, surprising, loving, emotional, fun, sad, honest.

Fangirl wasn't...
Boring, stupid, anything idiotic.

Fangirl could've been...
If it had been anything else than it was, I would have either not liked it or had died whilst reading it.

After turning the last page, my heartbeat was irregular, my breathing almost non-existent. I felt like I had died. I felt like the world had ended. I felt like this is it.

I can't describe Fangirl as well as it deserves to, but I will say that it is on the top 5 of my all-time favourites. No, I don't know in which order my all-time favourites are, but Fangirl definetly deserves a spot on it.

To Rainbow Rowell: You changed me. Your book made me understand myself better, you inspired me to write again. Thank you.

26 Aug 2015

Writing not reading! (word vomit)

Recently I haven't read so much, but done some creative writing. I don't have a working title for it yet, so it's kind of hard to talk about it, but I'll just refer it as 'Dream Walker', which does absolutely nothing with the book. It's not about dream walking, but it's still related to dreams and walking. Okay, maybe I should change the working title from 'I haven't figured it out yet' to 'Dream Walker'.

Right now I'm just vomiting words to this post. I'm tired from all the commotion from today, and the writing, which I've done for about 1800 words. And right now, I don't have any powers left to use for sensible writing, or even writing with words that I'm meant to write. Yeah, if you haven't read my first post on this site, a quick info: English is not my mother tongue. Spelling mistakes, wrong words, weird sentence structures might be spotted on this site! :) But don't worry, I haven't met a day (yet) when I can't do anything in English, and if I ever do, I won't post anything on that day!

And I was thinking about posting my work here, if it ever develops to something readable. If not, then you won't see it.

Also I'm most recent currently reading is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, and I love that book! I'm not even halfway through and I'm quite sure it will be one of my all time favourites. And I'll be definitely will be reading it again in the future!

And also Fangirl has made me interest in fanfiction spark again! Maybe I'll write some of that too, and if it turns out to be even the slightest bit good, you'll be able to read it here. :)

Now good night, I'm over-tired and haven't done any of my home work... :P

22 Aug 2015

Review: Outlander

It's been some time since I finished Outlander, and with my reading slump I have time to review it!

If I had to describe the book with one word, I would say 'impossible'. Not the book, but the task. Describing Outlander is like writing an essay of the meaning of life.

I read the paperback edition of it, so it's 850 pages of the thinnest paper ever, with the smallest kind of font you can read without getting a headache. Still the pages flew and it never made me feel exhausted in a bad way. But exhaustion in a good way was common whilst reading. Outlander makes you exhausted, it's so carefully weaved with complex characters and Beautiful landscapes. While reading I travelled to Scotland, read the lines with a weird Scottish accent (I've got no idea, how the words are pronounced, so you can imagine) and experienced the whole book like I really had been there. Outlander is amongst the rare books that had me living inside the book. Some books have captured me, but none of them not so intensely.

About the plot. Those who have read it, know that a lot happens during the book, but then there is also times when nothing happens, which is a good balance for all the emotional and rough stuff. For example the battle scenes, interaction and just normal day things were described so lively, that sometimes you're confused if you're really watching someone else's life or just someone fictional's. The plot also had a few twists, which I won't reveal, and some of them were a bit heart-breaking.

About the characters. I loved them. They were so alive. You know the feeling when you just know someone. You know their favourite colour or how they like their sandwiches (<= What?), how they react to certain things or any little detail of them. Outlander also made this possible. For me, characters are the main thing in books, and if the book doesn't have characters fit for the plot, then I usually don't like it. But strong Claire, just, was born for this book (okay, Gabaldon wrote her for the book...) Gabaldon was able to capture her so perfectly and make her alive. Make her breathe.
As for Jamie... *Googly eyes* He's just something. Though I knew next to nothing about Scots before Outlander, I think he's the stereotypical Scot being atypical Scot at the same time. I don't know if that makes any sense to you, but Jamie is a character that's hard to explain. He's got so many sides to him, so many things that are worth mentioning. But above all, the thing that made me love Jamie was his ability of sacrefice. He put himself at risk for everyone he cared or didn't think deserved something. Like when he took the beating or freed the young lad from the post, or the countless times he saved Claire. His compassion, charms, good looks, Scottish accent...
Also the minor characters were so carefully planned and told, that they really felt like real people, not just the usual, 'you're just a side-character I won't use my time in developing you' -thing. Thankfully, because even the smallest charcters matter in a book.

And finally, about the surroundings. Imagine the most beautiful Scottish landscape, then make it ten times more beautiful and add one Jamie to it. That's about it.


Positive: Everything, so beautifully written. Loved every part of it. Most the complex characters.
Negative: Nothing, but if you read it in a form of a physical book, try to get as big book (hardback) as possible because reading from a teeny tiny edition just stresses you out.

Recommeding this to everybody. Even if it's not your usual genre, just read it! It's definetly worth it!

21 Aug 2015


It seems that I acn't get rid of thus reading slump. Nothing seems to be working. I just started Passion by Lauren Kate, because her books are easy and fast reads. I didn't even like the first two books in the series, but still somehow ended up to pick the third part of it. Maybe it'll help!

17 Aug 2015

Liebster Award - Challenge

I got challenged by my ever-lovely sister Jenni from the Rhythm of the Rush, thank you!
Check out her blog here, she writes in Finnish, so every Finn out there go: check it out!

The goal of Liebster Award is to make blogs with less than 200 followers more visible by introducing themselves with 11 questions from the challenger.

If you are challenged, thank and link the blog of your challenger to your post, then answer the 11 questions that the challenger has asked, compose 11 of your own questions and challenge other blogs with less than 200 followers! Remember to link the blog(s) you have challenged to your post!

Questions I got to answer:

1. What made you start blogging?

I've always liked to write, and I'm very talkative person to strangers who like the same things as I, so why not. Even if no-one reads what I write, I've had the chance to share my thoughts with the world.

2. If you could choose one super-power to yourself, what would it be and why?

I don't know if this is a super-power, but I would love to be speed-reader. Though I am a quite fast already, I'd like to be faster, like if I read 300 words in a minute now, then as a speed-reader I could read double amount in the same time. :) Or just something like flying or psychokinesis or, I know, I'd love to be Juliette from the Shatter Me -series. Can't say the main reason though, it might spoil the experience of Ignite Me from you...

3. What is your favourite TV-show?

My favourite TV-show is currently Outlander. I watched the first 4 (or was it 5?) episodes today and I AM IN LOVE !

4. Which five coutnries you want to travel the most?

I've always wanted to go to the United-Kingdoms, because of the Infernal Devices and then the States because of almost every book I've read is based on some era of that country. Also Scotland (Outlander *swoons*), Holland (mostly just Amsterdam) and Germany (I've been there two times already, but there's something about that country that draws me back).

5. Holiday at beach or at the city, which one and why?

At beach I could just lie and read, but... At the city definetly. I get sun-burns easily and hate when the sand is everywhere, and you can read in the city too! Best thing of holidays in the city ist the touring, coffee shops and bookstores! :)

6. Name your favourite bands or artists!

Hans Zimmer, Michael Giacchino, Jóhan Jóhansson, Alexandre Desplat, Nicholas Hooper, James Horner... Many other movie or TV-series composers that there are. Then Take That, and also Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams' own production. And then Starkids musicals. If you haven't checked them out already, try watching A Very Potter Musical or Holy Musical B@man (o anythinof their productions) from Youtube. They're hilarious! :P

7. Dream Job?

Publishing at Harper Collins Publishers. Anything, even just the coffee-girl would be fine. Just the idea of being in the middle of Harper Collins office gives me goose-bumps.

8. Do you like reading, why/why not?

Am I sounding mad...?

9. Some thing you can't ever get bored to?


10. What will always get you into good mood?

Yes, I do have a life outside my books, it's a small one but it exists. I think.

11. In the whole world, which place is your absolute favourite?
Iäd have to say it's my couch. It's a small cream-white two-persons - couch, and I've spilled many drinks and dirtied it with food many times and even broke the other armrest, but it still is my favourite place. I can read in almost any possible position, sleep and live on it. And the cushions can be washed in a washing-machine, so I can eat on it without being afraid of distroying it for good.

I challenge thee:


And here are your questions:

1. What got you into reading?
2. Could you imagine yourself as a publishing author?
3. Cats or Dogs?
4. Have you ever commented the book some stranger is reading, like when you're in bus?
5. Where would you like to travel and why?
6. If you could pick any author to meet, who would it be?
7. Last read, currently-reading and next to-read?
8. Do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?
9. reading wih or without music?
10. Super-cleaner or a bit messy is fine?
11. You have to read only one genre for the rest of the year, which one will it be?

Reading slump!

H. E. L. P!

I'm having a world's worst reading slump right now. After finishing the Outlander I haven't been really able to connect with another book. I tried to continue the Mark of Athena but it didn't work out, I also sarted Matched but it had the same faith as Mark of Athena. I want this torture to end!

Okay, I have way too much school stuff to do anyway, but not-reading is terrible. Not being able to read is even more horrifying.

9 Aug 2015

Back at home

A lot has happened in these past few days and I'm so stressed out. But I finally have time to write new post in here!

So I spent my whole summer in my own apartment, which was really nice. Mostly because it was quiet and nobody interfered my reading, and I could read around the clock without anybody telling me to put lights out. So a reader's dream :)

Yesterday I had to pack my babies in boxes and take them back home, where I have no shelf-space at all. In my own apartment I had the window-sill, book/tv-shelf, kitchen table, basically every corner was filled with books. But at home I only have two shelves on the wall and space for about 20 books in my desk-shelf. I'm having trouble with unpacking my books, because I want all my books on display, but it's impossible, so now I'm feeling that I won't unpack them at all.

I'm hoping I'll get my own permanent apartment soon, so I can unpack my books... Okay, that is not the main reason, but it's one of them. Mostly I just want to get my own space and own home. My room's a mess right now with all my stuff packed in suitcases and other bags. I can't find anything here, though I know exactly where which book is! (Sad, I know)

I'm super excited that school starts in few days. It's Sunday now, so it's only two days of vacation left then it's a another full year of studying. Though I'm excited now, I think I won't be in couple ofmonths. Who knows? Last semester I actually liked to come to school everyday, despite the tiredness in the mornings.

My two Eeyores look dead, and the black stuff is only a part of my luggage...
Currently I'm sitting on my bed, and the sun is shining and everbody's happy and Unicorns fly and I'm drinking the best coffee ever.

NO. True I'm sitting on my bed and the sun is shining, but I'm not happy before I get my own apartment, and my coffee is cold and it tastes like poison. And don't talk about Unicorns. It only makes me think of a line from the Vampire Academy movie:

''Why can't you be like a normal teenage girl and dream of hot naked guys on Unicorns?''

I think I won't ever be able to think about Unicorns without hinking about that line... Thanks Hathaway!

I haven't even made my bed yet, so maybe I should stop writing and go back pretending my isn't a storage room. Maybe I'll unpack my stuff.

Or NOT. I'll just continue reading, maybe my stuff will unpack itself! :p

4 Aug 2015

I'm hooked!

Few days ago I read the first book Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead out of curiosity. I've been seeing a lot of fan-art from this series and not knowing the meaning of them, I sort of got frustrated and decided to read the first book in the series.

Though the first book was good, it wasn't really the usual genre I read so I gave it 3 out of 5 stars, but something made me want to read me. Usually when I give 3 or less stars for the first book in the series, I won't even think of reading further. But I think that Rose's snarkiness and impulsive behavior made me continue.

Now I've read the first book Vampire Academy, the first novella The Meeting and I'm almost halfway through with the second book Frostbite. Despite that this isn't my usual genre, I think I'm going to finish this series!

1 Aug 2015

August TBR

My August to-be-read includes these books, and maybe more if I have time :)

Left front is The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan. I've already started it, but this month I'm definetly going to finish it.
Left back are The House of Hades and The Blood of Olympus also written by Rick Riordan.
In the middle is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.
Then right front is Switched by Amanda Hocking, it's the first book in the Trylle trilogy.
Right back are the second and the third books in the Trylle trilogy, Torn and Ascend. So I will be reading the whole trilogy this month. And the best thing is, I have to return them to library in two weeks, but as a pretty fast reader, I'm ready day after tomorrow.