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I am usually seen either with a coffee cup in hand or then I am not seen at all. Probably due to the state of me being either a blanket-burrito on my couch or then flying the skies above you.

I began creating Books Told Me So a few years back during the summer of 2015. Since then, the site has changed its appearance a few times, there have been both busier and quieter times. The blog began with an idea, but the hardest part of the entire site was coming up with its name. It had to be something catchy, but not too long. Too long names are harder to remember. Then it had to be something that wasn't too mainstream, as not to be confused with other book blogs. And finally, it had to include the word 'book', since I wanted to make it clear from the beginning that the blog was not about gardening. (Not that there's anything wrong with gardening, I just can't even keep a succulent alive.)
I truly found my love for reading back when I was in fourth grade. I had read a lot before that too, but from there it just grew exponentially. I was introduced to the Percy Jackson - series and soon after, I had read all books Rick Riordan had published. There was no coming back after that. Back then I had no idea that Goodreads existed. I was only armed with determination and a library card when fighting to find something new to read.

A couple of years went by and I began broadening my horizon with books written in English, which gave me myriad of options to read from. I didn't have to wait for translations anymore. I didn't have to wait in line for the books in the library. Even the sky wasn't a limit anymore. Only the amount of hours I could spend reading would slow me down.

I never saw myself as a writer. I dabbled with it, like most of us do, thinking that since I have read so many books, I must be able to write the next best-seller myself. I would start something, have the outline and plans and everything, but never got further than the third chapter. After a few attempts, my respect for those who could write an entire book grew even more. That doesn't mean that anyone who can string together 50,000 words is a great author. No one can write a masterpiece on the first try, or the on the second try. Maybe not even on the third try. But then there are those who can create palaces out of paragraphs. 😉 Those who pour years and years into their work and produce something beautiful for everyone to enjoy. Finding those pearls in the stack of closed oysters is the most rewarding thing for a reader and a reviewer. And that is exactly what I am aiming for here. To find those hidden gems and introduce them to the world.

Blogging, quite often, is a one-person job. It's me, myself, and I, answering all the emails, reading the books, writing the reviews. There are just so many hours in a day to do that, so sometimes the pace is slower than I would like it to be. At those times, I ask for your patience. I am still here. Just dragging a little bit behind in everything.

Huh, you made it so far. Now is the time, I take a bow, thank you for your attention so far and go back to reading and creating content for you to read. And if you have a preference or a request of what kind of content you would like to see here on Books Told Me So, write me an email or comment down below. I am constantly on the lookout for new ideas!

- Salla


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