31 Dec 2017

It Is Time For 2017 To Make Way For 2018!

I know I probably say this every New Years Eve (along with a few billion other people) and will repeat it every year to come, but still. Guys, oh my God. This year went by so fast like it barely begun and now we are saying goodbye to it. And like every year, a lot has happened, things have changed and all that jazz.

This year, though, has been a real turning point for me. I learned something really important in the last few weeks: How to respect myself. I've hidden behind a facade of this girl who does things because she thinks they are expected of her. I've stood up for myself, just feel bad in the aftermath, even though there is no need for me to. I learnt to take a leap of fate and it worked out, but I was offered a risky possibility and I decided to leap the second time (this time over the Grand Canyon) and we'll see how it'll play out in the Spring.

Through this year, even if I haven't been as much present as I wanted to, you guys have been there for me. Yeah, I haven't had a flow of comments and likes and people sending me fanmail or anything, but just knowing that I could escape into the world of books and share the love for them with you all has been enough. I really do love each and every one of you! And if I could, I would hug and kiss each and every one of you! 😍

So my New Years resolutions for 2018 are these:

- I promise to read more books and share my love for the reading community

- I promise to do the things that make me really, truly happy. Not just things that make people around me happy.

- I promise to be present in the present, not just thinking 'What I'm going to do in five years, ten years time'.

I promise these things proudly since I know that living by these three things is what can and will make me a happier person.

And most importantly, I challenge you to write a post, film a video, Instagram it or shout out to the world your three resolutions. (And link it to the comment section below, so I can check out your site πŸ˜‰)

Don't forget to share your Year In Books in Goodreads! Let's spread the love of the printed word in 2018 too!

28 Dec 2017

Review: Achilles (The Deep Sky Saga #1)


From Goodreads:
The year is 2221, and humans have colonized a planet called Thetis in the Silver Foot Galaxy. After a tragic accident kills dozens of teenage colonists, Thetis’s leaders are desperate to repopulate. So Earth sends the Mayflower 2—a state-of-the-art spaceship—across the universe to bring 177 new homesteaders to the colony.
For Jonah Lincoln, an orphaned teen who has bounced between foster homes and spent time on the streets of Cleveland, the move to Thetis is a chance to reinvent himself, to be strong and independent and brave, the way he could never be on Earth. But his dreams go up in smoke when their ship crash-lands, killing half the passengers and leaving the rest stranded—not on Thetis, but on its cruel and unpopulated moon, Achilles.
Between its bloodthirsty alien life forms and its distance from their intended location, Achilles is a harrowing landing place. When all of the adult survivors suddenly disappear, leaving the teenage passengers to fend for themselves, Jonah doubts they’ll survive at all, much less reach Thetis—especially when it appears Achilles isn’t as uninhabited as they were led to believe.

For the fans of The Hundred, an action-packed Young Adult book, where the story will take you to a hostile moon and back, and nothing goes like they were originally planned.

23 Dec 2017

Review: Tattooed Love (Satan's Sons Monarchy #1)

'' '' I can't take this anymore.'' ''


From Goodreads:
When your heart rules your mind, you don’t get to choose who you love. But what if that love could lead to your own destruction?
Amber is a rebellious high school senior and the only girl in a family of outlaw bikers. Her four brothers left when she was young to keep her away from their style of life, but despite their efforts, she’s wrapped up in criminal activities and her life is rapidly spiralling out of control.

With her life finally going up in flames, adding fuel to that fire is smouldering and infamous biker Jax. As she begins to fall for her dangerous love and throw caution to the wind, Amber might not be able to turn back from the risky path she’s chosen...

Being together might be dangerous, but, after all, outlaws are meant to break the rules.

20 Dec 2017

Review: The Spirit Mage (The Blackwood Saga #2)

'' The youngest Blackwood wanted to be a hero, while the eldest was shooting for Emperor of the Universe. Caleb just wanted to enjoy the New Orleans nightlife, chow down on Cajun food, listen to tunes, travel when he could afford it, spend some quality times with friends. '' 


From Goodreads:
Valjean thought about how impossible it seemed that there was another world out there from which he had narrowly escaped. A world of manticores and cave fiends, magic swords and potions, spirit mages and necromancers. Wizard-monks who could shatter walls with their fists, a city of coloured spires so beautiful it took his breath away . . . and a world in which Val's brothers were still trapped.

Desperate to help his brothers, high-powered attorney Val Blackwood manages to find a way to return to the world of Urfe. After landing in the dangerous underbelly of New Victoria, he concludes that the only way to find Will and Caleb is to enrol in the Abbey--the school for wizards--and somehow gain access to a portal called the Pool of Souls. Yet to succeed, he not only has to pass the entrance exam and survive the rigours of the school, considered the most demanding in all the Realm, but also avoid a lethal assassin targeting students.

As Val struggles to survive, his brothers undergo an even deadlier trial. Reeling from the loss of Mala, an adventuress lost in the mysterious Place Between Worlds, Will and Caleb and Yasmina are captured by slavers and taken to the mines beneath Fellengard Mountain. Even if they manage to escape, a feat no one has ever accomplished, they must still find their way out of the vast and untamed caverns of the Darklands. A place even the wizards fear.

Trapped in a land of dreams and nightmares, the brothers must somehow stay alive and learn to adapt to their new surroundings--or risk losing their homeworld forever.

18 Dec 2017

Review: Black & White


From Goodreads:
What is the price paid for the creation of a perfect society?
In Whitopolis, a gleamingly white city of the future where illness has been eradicated, shock waves run through the populace when a bedraggled, dirt-stricken boy materialises in the main street. Led by government propaganda, most citizens shun him as a demon, except for Wellesbury Noon – a high school student the same age as the boy.
Upon befriending the boy, Wellesbury feels a connection that he can’t explain – as well as discovering that his new friend comes from a land that is stricken by disease and only has two weeks to live. Why do he and a girl named Ezmerelda Dontible appear to be the only ones who want to help?
As they dig deeper, everything they know is turned on its head – and a race to save one boy becomes a struggle to redeem humanity. 

The perfect society's ugly secrets are about to be revealed.

10 Dec 2017

Review: Dennis & Greer: A Love Story

'' ''Please do not read this book unless you were young once. Some people never were, you know. Don't read it unless you recall your youth with fondness and nostalgia, because this is the story of youth, told by perhaps the least objective and least accurate of biographers - youth itself. In his own words, sometimes soaringly beautiful, often rash and unrealistic, but always with self-honesty, this youth gives his own pronouncement of the goodness of life, discovering first love and the horrors of war at one and the same time he deals with their confusing disparities as only optimism can. As described by a friend, 'He was a rough, tough Marine who dared to be gentle.' '' '' 
How can you rate anyone's lives with just five stars? For some, it can be a measly one, but to some, it could be more than the limited five. So, me giving Dennis & Greer four stars, doesn't actually mean anything. 

4 Dec 2017

The First 100 Is Full!


I realised when adding the latest author tag to the gadget, that I am at exactly one hundred reviewed authors! Time has gone past so far. When I started, I couldn't have imagined that someday I'd be writing a post saying that I have read from so many different authors.

So, the real reason for writing this post is actually because I wanted to thank you. Thank you for each and every author out there for sharing their work with the world! I know I've only read a millionth of a fraction of the books ever published, and the same goes for authors who have published their work.

A. N. Senerella - A.J. Wilson - Aaron Galvin - Aimee Hyndman - Alessandra Harris - Ally Carter - Amanda Hocking - AnaΓ«lle Gadeyne - Ann Brashares - Ashley Marie - Ava Dellaira - Becca Fitzpatrick - Beverly Ovalle - Brienne Dubh - Candace Knoebel - Cara Brookins - Carrie Jones - Cassandra Clare - Charles McCormack - Charlotte Roth - Chelsea Fine - Cheryl Koevoet - Christopher Hansen - Clay Johnson - Colleen Hoover - Colleen Oakes - Dallas Coryell - Danielle Hardgrave - Dave Johnston - David Levithan - Deborah Jackson - Diana Gabaldon - E. Lockhart - Ebony Olson - Elizabeth Dunlap - Emily Ruben - Gayle Forman - Heather Hill - Helen Keeling-Marston - J. Michael Neal - J.E. Plemons - J.F. Cain - J.J. Sherwood - J.R. Fehr - Jacen Aster - Jacqueline E. Garlick - Jay Asher - Jeff Faria - Jennifer E. Smith - Jennifer Niven - John Green - Jojo Moyes - Jus Accardo - Karen Lynch - Katherine McIntyre - Kathy Bryson - Kay Kenyon - Kenechi Udogu - Kiera Cass - Lan Chan - Lauren DeStefano - Lauren James - Lauren Kate - Layton Green - Leonardo Patrignani - Lily Black - Lily Burlington - Lonnie Ostrow - Maggie Stiefvater - Maria Luisa Lang - Maria V. Snyder - Mary E. Pearson - Melissa Walker - Michelle Areaux - Michelle Zink - Midika Crane - Pamela Daniell - Pat Patterson - Penelope Douglas - Peter Petrack - Rachel Caine - Rainbow Rowell - Richelle Mead - Rick Riordan - Sarah Andersen - Sarah Collingwood - Sarah J. Maas - Shaun Hume - Simone Elise - Stephan Morse - Steven Bentley MD - Tammy Blackwell - Tara R - Taylor Thomas - Thea Dawson - Tiffany McDaniel - Tony MoyleVanya Ferreira - Victoria Aveyard - Whitney Barbetti


Most of the time, I have only read one  or two books from the author but here are the ones I have read the most from (at the time of writing this post) :

At three books are:

At four books, the most reviewed authors are:

2 Dec 2017

Review: Revelations


From the back cover:
Jenna Morgan is just like any normal teenager. That is until she turns seventeen. In a matter of a week, Jenna is kidnapped, meets a mysterious young man named, Alex and learns the shocking truth about her true heritage, which is the reason both demons and the angels are hunting her. Just when she comes to accept her new identity the unthinkable happens, leaving Jenna devastated. She soon meets Dylan, a small town homeboy who quickly heals her heart. But when his life is threatened by the same monsters who had already torn her world apart will Jenna be able to save him in time...or will she die trying?   

Female Nephilim children are rare, and whenever they are born, they are hunted by both the heaven and the hell. Or not exactly hunted, more like, head-hunted by the supernatural HR department. All Nephilim children possess powers from their angelic parent, but the females pack a bit more power than the entities would like them to have. And if they can't recruit them, they kill them, because nothing is worse than letting the talent to work with the opposing side.