10 Mar 2017

How I Got Into Reading

Some of us have been reading all of our lives. Some of us started a little later. And some of us are just starting. But the most important thing is that all of us started. We stepped inside the covers of a book, into the world of endless possibilities.

My story started years ago with a book that may sound like a cliché:  Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I was around seven years old and in first grade. Everyone else was reading picture books or books with the words chopped into syllables. But me? I read Harry's story.

8 Mar 2017

Review: More Than A Slave


 Potential, so much of it. Unfortunately most of it went unnoticed because of the technical problems. I'm going to cut the chase and go straight to business.

I'm not totally against romanticising slavery, it can be done tastefully, in a Cinderella-ish way, or not-so-tastefully. More Than A Slave didn't go too much into the untasteful side of it and some parts could've been written in a better way. But the romanticising of slavery was not what bothered me the most here.

Problem Number 1: What big secret that no one would want to know?
I didn't find it. I have a few strong candidates for it, but none of them are clear and perfectly fitting to the role. And if the 'big revealing' was the one I am thinking, then why it was hyped so much beforehand.

3 Mar 2017

# The Sick Book

If you're wondering why there was no review on Monday, the reason is a huge scheduling problem. I was supposed to review Cara Brookins' Rise, but I had to prioritise Anaelle Gadeyne's More Than A Slave because of it's launch date on Wednesday. In the end, Gadayne's book's launch date got pushed back to next Wednesday (8.3.) so, this week just got skipped.

We've all been there. Burrowed between blankets, cold sweat on our foreheads and wishing it to be over. And no, we're not talking about the finals. But the sickness.

When sick most of us feel clammy and tired and what not, but there are advantages to being sick. A free day and an opportunity to lounge and read all day. So, even if being sick sucks think books.

I hardly ever get sick but when I do, I'm on the verge of crossing over to death. That happens maybe every other year. I do get a light snuffle every fall or a headache now and then, but nothing too serious that I need to skip school or workdays. That's why the only way for me to get familiar with sicknesses is doing The Sick Book Tag!