20 May 2016

Review: Promises I Made

If you haven't read Lies I Told, do not read this! 
Review for the first book here: Lies I Told

The heart wrenching sequel to Lies I Told takes you on a journey to find what you are capable of when you really want to, to face the consequences of your actions, and to forgive.


 Parker is in jail and facing heavy charges. Cormac made Grace to follow him on their next con, to get the money to save Parker. But he Cormac never even tries to help him. Grace feels helpless and decides to take matters on her own hands. All the while Renee is still gone. 

What could go wrong when everything already is wrong? Grace's life is a huge mess and when she decides to travel back to Playa Hermosa to help Parker, she has to confront her past with all its pains and sorrows. And when she meets someone from the past, all the cards get revealed and the tables turn. But who will lose everything this time?

There was a bit charcter development on Grace side and a few mild plot-twists, nothing too major to kill you. Perfect for reading-slump prevention!

6 May 2016

Review: Glass Sword

You know, when you read a good book.
 How? It stabs you square in the heart and does it without blinking. Maybe even smiling or laughing simultaneously.

Welcome to the enchanting experience of being torn between brothers and hating yourself for it. You might accidentally kill a few people as a side-dish, but that's collateral damage of reading. It's a very enjoyable journey of finding who you hate and who you hate the most. So hop on!

I must say I really loved Glass Sword. All the characters have developed so much, and all in the good direction as individuals. And Mare made herself a feeling, real human being again. She wasn't a little girl avenging wrong. But a warrior.

Since this is the second book into the series, I can't reveal anything else. Except that, that a certain chapter stopped my heart. Which, I think, is expected from Aveyard's book.

And with this happy quote from the book, I wish you a pleasant time reading! :)

2 May 2016

Review: Giovanni Goes to Med School

Forgive me for the cracked screen... All blame is on the cat.


There's a first time for everything. And for me this was a first zombie anything.

Fortunately I didn't have to be even a little bit disappointed. Since Giovanni Goes to Med School is hilarious.

It goes somehow like this:
Giovanni is a med school student and works the night shift in the morgue. When an elderly lady dies and gets shipped downstairs with her, much alive, dog, Giovanni's life is not as it was before. And the lady is only the beginning...

Like I said hilarious.

I'm looking forward to read more of Giovanni and see how he survives with things that shouldn't have survived alive. Or are they actually alive?

And thank you Kathy Bryson for giving me the opportunity to read this! [sending a hug]