28 Mar 2016

Review: Heores and Villains: Pawn in the Game


First I must thank the author Tara R. for giving me the opportunity to read her book Heroes and Villains: Pawn in the Game.

I must say that if you are not confused whilst reading this you must own super-brains or something. With so many plot twists that come out of nowhere and character's decisions that seem so unlikely to the reader this book makes you want to bang your head to the table from time to time. 

''Love is a powerful emotion, they say. It has no boundaries, they say. Love can conquer all. But I had never known love.''

Don't get me wrong, it's not a love story. Nothing lovey dovey about it. It's a cross between violence and betrayal with an added bonus of mistakes, that kill people (as if they weren't dying fast enough already).

In a world where violent kingdoms compete with the number of how many of them has died, nothing can be good. They count their deaths to the higher unknown power and in return they don't get the higher power's wrath upon them. Except now. When the higher power has betrayal in their ranks and everything they've done for to keep them hidden and safe is ready to fall apart. 
In this world a young woman called Aurora is chosen (ooor ''chosen'') to be the saviour of the worlds, but there is betrayal again. The plot unfolds when you see allegiances pledged across enemies to kill person A, just so they can get rid of person B. And so on. Trust me, the alphabet will run out before you're fifty pages in. And it's amazing.

Those of you who have seen Lost will understand that everything is related to everything. And it'll blow your mind off. All the events in the book might've been foretold as their starting forces were kicking in but the author distracted your mind to elsewhere so you didn't notice it. Then later when you realise what happened you feel like running into the nearest wall because you should've seen it coming. Creepily genius, Tara, creepily genius.

 I really look forward to read the next installment to this book!

27 Mar 2016

Review: Off to See the Wizard

Thank you to the author Clay Johnson for providing me a copy of Off to See the Wizard!

Good news or bad news first? Let's do mixed and straight to business.

When you have many characters it's hard to keep track of all of them. Especially if they are entirely different species and their goals are a bit different. This worked out well. No two character was exactly same.

Disappointing was that you don't get to know the characters better than an immediate expression and few pet peeves here and there. There's not enough time to form any "relationships" with them (which might work for someone).

Where the book was set? In a universe/world with 16 realms that are not introduced any further than that. Which is disappointing. I love to know about the world surrounding the characters. It helps the imagination to fly higher and it's so much easier to work your way through the book when you have even a bit of a clue where you are.

Unfortunately to me it felt like the book's plot had ran away. It's true that there was a straight line from the beginning to the end, but in most parts it made no sense. With a few less stops during the quest and jumps between the characters might have helped.

I am a huge fan of chapters (or other such breaks). I adore them, they give breathers. They allow you to put the book down and you can effortlessly pick it up again. I don't say that that chapters would've made this better, actually it might be impossible to set this story to chapters. I just thought go warn others.

Reading this book really was a quest. I'm happy I signed up to it!

7 Mar 2016

Review: The Story of Lucius Cane: Book One

I got this straight from the author Vanya Ferreira.


 I think I expected something entirely different than this. Something more towards The Twilight - series... Could not be further from them.

The Story of Lucius Cane is a part of Lucius Cane's story. Actually you don't get much out of him, but you get to know half of the basics. 
Then there's the wolf. And the epic battle. And the confusing ending. 

All in all, this was a very entertaining short story. And because it was a short story it was quick to read. 

Lucius Cane is a vampire, who has his own ways. He's targeted by some mysterious (let's call him) guy. The guy has ordered the wolf to kill him. And when they confront each other in the epic battle, the story ends. With a mysterious voice...

Review: The Samhain Island

Okay, so I have been postponing reviewing a few books since my laptop doesn't cooperate with me.


As I mentioned in  my review on Goodreads, I got this book straight from Miss Taylor Thomas on New Year's Eve. Talk about a surprise!

The book is about girl named Tremaine Boppel, who has to move to the mysterious Samhain Island, because her father decides to move their video store there. To Tremaine it's the worst thing that can happen, and talking about the worst things that can happen, who or what lives in the tower?
Determined to find out, she starts to unravel the secrets of the mysterious tenant with the help of her new friend and her brothers. 
But everything is not always as they seem and Tremaine ends up doing the opposite she of what she actually meant to do. 

The start was very strong and promising. I wasn't expecting anything specific, when I started this book, so when it got to the point rapidly changing point of view's I was confused. Not that the changings weren't smooth, I think they were a bit too smooth. Sometimes it took a few sentences or paragraphs, to notice the change. 

I liked the fact that this was very different compared to all the other books I've read before. I couldn't predict what would happen next and that's a thing many people who've read many books like. Because no one wants to always read a book that you can thoroughly predict.