29 Jun 2017

Review: A Dragon's Treasure

'' ''Oh, my goodness.'' She sounded breathless. ''You're lethal.'' ''


Something different this time. For a long time, I've mostly reviewed young-adult books and now I made an exception to my normal routine. So, here it is.

We follow Connie who is on the run. In a 'wrong place, wrong time' scenario she witnesses a drug-deal gone bad. Leaving Chicago behind and heading to her cousin's farm where not only wolves run, but they also change into men. The wolf-shifters are not the only kind. Among them live other supernatural creatures, including dragons.

26 Jun 2017

Review: Cursed Blood

''The world flew by without me and I was okay with it for once in my life. I was okay with not being the centre of attention. I was okay with not knowing what was going on around me.''


 Avery Black wanted normal but then she saw her father murdered. And, like most people, she didn't take it well.  Ending up locked in an institute, she locks her emotions away from the world becoming cold and detached. Little did she know that when she would be released to her uncle's care, her life would change indefinitely. 

When I was offered this book by the author Ashley Marie herself I was ecstatic. The synopsis gave me the impression that this would be a bestseller someday. Unfortunately, that wasn't exactly the case.

23 Jun 2017

Review: Mine

'' ''What do you want now?'' I groaned in defeat, giving in to his gaze. ''Nothing. I enjoy watching you.'' Kind of sweet? ''Especially when you don't know I'm watching.'' Nope. Creepy. Just creepy. ''


 Your average innocent love story had a bit of an unexpected twist. There were no signs in the synopsis, none whatsoever.

We follow the story of Anika Mason. When she encounters the school's new student, Foster, who is a little too much, smitten with her she lies about having a boyfriend. A fairly innocent lie that could have been easily confessed but no. Brady, the pretence boyfriend, takes advantage of her lie, though, and plays along with it. This doesn't suit Foster and he does his everything to get Anika to himself.

19 Jun 2017

Review: Knight of the Hunted

'' Blood and coffee.''


Blood in the book, coffee for me. There was a time when I was obsessed with the Twilight saga. Most of us have been there, don't try to fool me. And speaking for myself (and probably for a few others), my picture of vampires in books was, should I say, dramatically stuck on the sparkly side. Not to say that there's nothing wrong with a little sparkle in life. Thankfully, though, there were no sparkles in Knight of the Hunted. And to those of you, who understand that my reference to Twilight is up there because these two could be compared to each other, let me tell you: NO. That being said, let's move on.

Okay, let's mix things up a little. Let's start from the end. The ending. Well, it ended. It wasn't one of those slammed-the-cover-closed-as-hard-as-I-could endings. More like, 'oh, it's over, didn't notice. Let's move on. In addition to that, the ending was really confusing. But that I'll dig into later.

17 Jun 2017

Review: Aversion


You know the feeling you get when you are doing something challenging for the first time? You know you only have one try and you can't fail, or you can but there would be severe consequences. Then you know how Gemma Green felt performing her first aversion. 

Averters are all male-born protectors of humans. They avert humans from bad decisions they are going to make in to future, for example drunk-driving. Then there is Gemma, a girl Averter.  She is the only one, or that's what she is told. While performing her first aversion on the school's tennis star, Russ Tanner, something goes wrong. Instead of passing with flying colours, Gemma fails. The recipient of the aversion isn't supposed to remember that they have been averted but Russ does. And now he can't seem to let go of the idea that Gemma is something to him.

Review: The Brothers Three (The Blackwood Saga #1)

'' Those who lose dreaming are lost.''

I'm stunned. The ending came out of the blue. Unexpected and leaving me craving for more.

The Blackwood Brothers, Will, Caleb, and Val,  have always kept together even when miles away from each other. They are brought together by their godfather, Charlie, when he summons them to hear an urgent message concerning the brothers' father. To their surprise their father isn't what they believed him to be. When Charlie is kidnapped by a necromancer the brothers world isn't the same anymore. They embark on a dangerous journey to save their godfather and on the side they discover new sides of themselves they never thought possible.

Told from three point of views, the brothers, the story follows all of their struggles in finding their places in the new reality they have to face. The story starts with the youngest brother's, Will's, point of view, as are most parts of the story.

16 Jun 2017

Review: Alpha Grayson


We got to know Lexia's character a bit in the last book Alpha Kaden and with Alpha Grayson we get see even more. 

For those of you who are not familiar with the Alpha series it is based in a world where the land is divided between werewolf packs, which are Power, Wisdom, Loyalty, Love, Freedom, Purity, Passion, Vengeance, Devotion, Discipline and Harmony. Each pack is lead by an Alpha wolf. The series follows the stories of these Alphas and their soulmates(-to-be). Alpha Grayson tells the story of Lexia, a girl originally from the Discipline pack but now resciding in the Vengeance pack. Her only goal is to bring down the pack system and create a leadership position to herself. Little does she no that the Alpha of the Freedom pack is on the hunt for her, as are many others.