29 Aug 2016

Review: Anew

Cliche of the cliches. Two over six feet tall strangers, who just happen to be dark haired twin brothers who just happen to be gorgeous looking. Oh, and the female lead just happen to be the love-interest of both the boys.


Not to only stomp over Anew I must confess that there were a few decent points to this book. I thought the plot to be fairly original and the main points and attractions well placed.

Buuut, everything else. Ugh. No, no über negative thoughts. 

Following the story of Scarlet, who wakes up in a forest alone with no recollection of her whereabouts or memories of how she got there. The story skips to two years later, when she's seventeen, into a local Kissing festival, where she notices a dark handsome stranger. The stranger introduces himself as Gabriel Archer. There's something familiar about Gabriel Scarlet can't figure out, but no memories surface. There's another one too, who looks exactly like Gabriel, but no one seems to know who he is. Scarlet feels a physical pull towards this another male, which she can't explain. Her relationship with Gabriel deepens, but with it comes also the feeling that Gabriel is keeping something from her. The truth is about to reveal and change her life, again...

In some books, cliches are good. In some, they kill the whole thing. Unfortunately, that's what happened with Anew. Originality reached so far as the main idea, but the end-result left me on the brink of absolute annoyment. I definitely recommend to read this, since I think this one is either absolute love or hate. Maybe for younger readers, under 16 or so. All in all, I don't say I hated this from the bottom of my heart, but I strongly disliked it, because of good writing which was concealed under over-flowing cliches.

14 Aug 2016

Review: Touch of Power

I am ashtonished that I have never heard of this book before yesterday. And I must say that I am really glad that I decided to pick it up instantly. 

Let's move on. Holy mother of the gene that allows people yo write such amazing books. Now, let's do one of those 'imagine' things. Imagine a meadow, sunshine, birds and sunny weather. Imagine romantic background music. Imagine someone running slow-motion and the loved one waiting on the other end of the meadow. Now imagine me doing the running and the next book of the series as the loved one. I hardly could contain myself to write this review before starting the next book. So, Touch of Power was that amazing.

Following the story of a twenty-year-old Avry of Kazan, a healer who is hunted for execution just because she is a healer. Avry gets caught and is sent to the prison, with the promise of short visit, since the guillotine was waiting. And the visit is short, but doesn't end with her head separate from body, because of a band of rogues who save her. But, there always is a but. She must heal a prince. A prince who the rogues claim to be the only one capable to stop the other kingdoms of hunting down the healers. Reluctant to heal the prince, Avry is forced to follow the band on the journey to the prince's hiding place, even though the healing might be the last one she's going to do. If she decides to do it at all.

Avry of Kazan was real. Like, not over confident, fearless or stupid. Which is a bit unusual for a strong female lead. Because she was a strong leading character. Not only did she heal the bodies and hearts of the other characters, she also took their scars. And that's something else. Her, can I say charm?, reached each and every one in the book and even me. 

You're probably wondering that if there is a love triangle, or even just the reluctant, sassy, grumbling man, whose heart Avry must defrost. The answer is yes, but it certainly is not the point in the book. Not even close. Just an extra piece of swoon, to spice the story. 

If you haven't already read this one, go pick it up and add it to your TBR! 

10 Aug 2016

Review: Kings or Pawns


I had no idea that a bunch of old guys could be so entertaining.... No, seriously.

When you start a book, you begin to look for the ending. Does the boy get the girl? Will the world be saved? And so on. And to me that was the hardest part. I couldn't get into the story properly until I stopped looking for the ending. And oh my sweet morning latte with extra espresso, did it get good. And when I talk about good, I mean good.

The story is told from multiple point of views, which in the beginning might be slightly confusing, but after a few chapters you'll get used to it. It actually only compliments the story, since the book is about politics and war of elven kingdom, there never is only one side to the happenings. And usually there were a bit more than three fingers in the pot. Which made Kings or Pawns awesome.

I'm not into politics at all, but this, wow. After the first few chapters I felt so captivated that I didn't want to stop. The plans to destroy others, while gaining personal profit were great. They even got me, even though I knew they were going to happen. This book kept me on my toes until the very last word. And a bit beyond.

As for characters I have to say that none of them were left unfinished, which usually is the problem while handling such a huge group. Also the differences between character's personalities and differences in their social statuses could be found clear as a day on the page. The relations between all of them was The Thing. When one wanted to win a war, the next wanted to control the king, while the next one wanted to take over the kingdom.

I still don't think I've found the right words to describe this book. Just raw emotions, politics, and absolute brilliance.

Thank you J.J. Sherwood for giving this book for reading and reviewing! I am hugely excited for the next one!!