27 Oct 2015

New feature!

Hey guys!

I have added a new feature to my blog. If you don't want to sign up as a reader or comment, don't worry; there's now another way that you can make me know what you thought of the post!

Under the comment section there's three boxes labeled 'read', 'liked' and 'disliked'. You can just click the 'read' button, and if you want to share your opinion click 'like' or 'dislike'. I won't see who clicked those, but it would be awsome to know that people actually do read my posts!

It means a lot to me to know what you think!

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-Salla (Bookstoldmeso)

Review: Lumière

I recieved this title through NetGalley some time ago and decided to read it now.


At first I was confused about evertyhing in the book. I wasn't sure was it based on our world, was in the future or in the past or what. That feelin did vanish when I fully got into the plot.

We follow a girl named Eyelet. She is a student at an academy where usually only men are allowed but occasionally some women. Her father passed away years ago, and he broke his promise to save Eyelet with his machine. His machine was called Illuminator, because it was illuminated things within. It was an X-ray machine, though at that time, it was freakingly dangerous to picture yourself with it.

In the world where two things that are punishable are wickedry and simply going mad. So when her mother is accused of being a shape-shifter a Valkyrie, Eyelet is forced to flee from her city. Then she meets Urlick. A man who tries to steal her father's machine just when she had located it. She jumps into his carriage and wakes up in the middle of the woods, when they arrive to Urlick's house.

Urlick has his own secrets, his past is dark and all he wants from the Illuminator is to heal the ugly, purple birthmarks on his face and neck. Though he doesn't tell it to Eylet. And Eyelet doesn't tell Urlick that she wants to stop her seizures with it. Both of them unaware of the consequenses of using the Illuminator. And why Professor Smrt wants the machine.

''How much do you trust me?'' is the book summarized in six words. Full of crazy stunts that don't leave you cold, the book redefines the word trust, and maybe uses it too easily.

The charcaters were suitable for the book, but not particulary strong or otherwise extremely noticeable. I liked them alright, but someting about them was still a bit too muted. I loved the world though and the Vapours and how they affect all those who expose to it.

Positive: Plot, the inventous nature of the book
Negative: Characters could've been a bit stronger

21 Oct 2015

Review: Queen of Shadows

 Huh. It's over, for now. She did it again. She wrote an amazingly wonderfully great book, again. I've been a fan of the Throne of Glass series from the beginning and this one, whoa. Every chapter blew my mind and I have shouted and cried and laughed at public places and I've gotten some very judging looks, but who cares? This book makes me endure every single weird stare.

Only five stars are allowed? What a pity.
 If I could, I would give it an infinite number of stars!

From here on SPOILERS!


 The book was full of things that I loved, so full of them that this is going to be a very long review.

The transformation from Celaena Sardothien, the Kings Champion, to Aelin Ashryver Galathynius was a ling journey. It started from the first book and is not completed yet. It has been amazing to follow how Aelin has grown from a girl to the woman she is now. At the beginning of the series she was more afraid of eveverything, more like a teen ager but after the Queen of Shadows she is a woman. A powerful, lethal, sarcastic, loving woman. She now knows the consequences of doing certain things, the value of life and most importantly how to love and who. I have to say that she is in my all-time-favourite-character list on the very top. Although Aelin is part Fae, she still is vulnerable and she is not ashamed of it. Actually she knows how to use it for her advantage. She knows that sometimes you have to grieve and sometimes it's okay to lie down and rest.

The Blackbeak witches were a mystery for me in the earlier books. I resented them and I thought their story did not make any sense but in this book it made. It's amazing how two different stories meet up, how the characters react to each other and what is the result of their interaction. Or if you can call an attempt to kill interaction. But hey, that's what Queen of Shadows mostly is, killing every single one who crosses you! :P Also I learned to like Manon. And mostly because she started to defy the orders and think with her own brains. Her compassion towards Asterin and the slow warming for Elide were great to follow, because those two were the significant events that made Manon really take the reins of her own life.

The lies and the secrets. I think that every single one of you who has read the book can agree with the following: Sarah J. Maas can trick you into believing anything. The way she has written the whole Throne of Glass series is a proof of it. First you get to know that Calaena is an assassin, then you get to know of the Wyrdkeys. Then, boom, guess what, the girl you thought you knew, and let me say: for two books, ain't really real. She is the rightful Queen of Terrasen, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. Then you think that the revelations are over. But no. You learn that she is Fae. Like with canines and pointy ears and all. And then there's suddenly some demon prince's all around and whoa, your ex-lover and friend is one. And wait, she's got a cousin too. Then you think you know it all, but you are so wrong. There's her former Master, the King of Assassin's, Arobynn who thinks he can play with her and he is winning the game, and whoops, he ends up dead, his will re-written by Aelin, and another whoops, suddenly she owns every single thing Arobynn has ever owned. And then she sells it just to give it to her cousin, who actually is not a human but half-Fae, to spend it on the army they don't have yet. There's more, just wait for it. Then they decide to blow up a tower inside the King's court and get deceived by another Fae and then saved by him because Aedion is half-Fae, and they almost die, but by some wonder they all live. Happily ever after? Who knows there is still two books coming.

The heart-attacks you get. I think in some books there needs to be warning labels like 'This book might almost kill you with a plot-twist' or 'Beware of the deadly emotions caused by this book'. If I had a weaker heart, I think I could've died. Some of the twists were so unexpected and heart-stopping that my pulse rocketed hammered for the speed of 300. I made some notes during reading this book and on the lines 18 and 19 it reads:
+ The holy sh*t on page 538
+ The holier sh*t on page 542
 Creative and exceptionally wonderful notes I know, but I couldn't describe the events better.

Then at last, but one of the greatest elements of the book was the sarcasm and the snarky comments that everyone showered around all the time. Few examples (and few of my favourites):

''Should I thank you for putting on pants?''

'' 'You look like-'
   'A queen?'
   'The fire-breathing bitch-queen those bastards claim you are.' ''

''Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing you three gutted and hanging from the chandeliers by your insides, but I think it would ruin these very beautiful carpets that I'm now the owner of.''

'' 'You can't toss us out. What will we do? Where will we go?'
   'I hear hell is particularly nice at this time of year.' ''
  And these are just the few I marked up, but there is a big bunch of them more. 

If you haven't read the book and just read the review, thank you! But now you kinda have to read it, because you read the spoilers and all, so... Go pick it up! 

The whole series (published this far) goes like this:
0. Assassin's Blade (A collection of five novellas that have happened before Throne of Glass)
1. Throne of Glass
2. Crown of Midnight
3. Heir of Fire
4. Queen of Shadows 

18 Oct 2015

Not finishing a book

I'm having trouble with finishing the Queen of Shadows. You know the feeling when you want to finish a book but you still want to finish it. That book is tormenting me. I'm loving it so far, but I don't want to know how it ends.
I know that there will be the next book, so the story won't end, but still I know that I have to wait for another year for it.

14 Oct 2015

Review: Wendy Darling

First of all, just look at the cover! It's just so beautiful.

I had been hearing about Wendy Darling for so long and it was always popping up everywhere I went. And the summary of it is so good that I immediately decided to read it. At that time the only problem was that it hadn't been published yet. So I decided to wait until one day it was up for a request on NetGalley. And I got it!

Just amazing.

What struck me first was the description of the surroundings. I loved them. I loved the admiration and wonder that Wendy experienced. I loved how Colleen Oakes has been able to write the book so well that the reader actually becomes Wendy. I forgot where I lived and who my mother was and everything at the same time Wendy did. At some part Wendy tries to remember how long had she been on Pan Island and she couldn't. She had no idea had it been days or weeks. That's where I woke up. I had no idea how long time had gone. The Neverland just enchants you, so you forget everything while you're there.

But everything that is beautiful on the outside, has something dark on the inside. So Neverland's dangers lied in the form of Mermaids and people. What could be more dangerous than the charming hero, a boy that you adored and kept as a perfect leader? Peter Pan is so complicated character all the while he is just a simple teen age boy. The thing that shines right through Peter is the fact that he has practically grown up without parents, so he has the urge to control other people. He thinks that he can own something and then just throw it away. Like Tink, the last fairy of Neverland, according to her, Peter loved her before Wendy came and now Peter just throws Tink away just because he got a new shinier toy. Also his willingness to kill the Pirates, just because they kill everybody who steals from them. Peter Pan is so twisted that he has to black-mail people into loving and liking him by telling them lies and stories. 

When I think of Wendy, my mind brings up a single description of her: British. Okay, she is from London, but her manners, way of speaking and everything is just so stereotypical British. And I loved it! Wendy is very strong spirited lady, who believes strongly in everything she does. She obeys and is very proper on behaving, even on the Pan Island, she won't go out without her hair tied up with a ribbon. It's just so amazing how she is described and how she, in a way, doesn't change her beliefs while in Neverland. She is lead astray by Neverlands wonders and Peter, but she discovers the truth and fights, so she can reunite her family once again.

I can't tell how much I loved Wendy Darling. Sometimes it made my smile and laugh. Sometimes I had to stop and breathe, because it got too emotionally powerful to read. Like the scene this one is from.  
'' He kissed her forehead.
            ''Life is for the living, Wendy. And I plan on living a very, very long time.''''
.(Typos corrected  17.10.2015)

11 Oct 2015

Review: He Found Me

When I was seventeen, I disappeared. I walked out the door of my apartment with a backpack and never looked back. I left the life of Cora Mitchell behind, seeking freedom from my real-life nightmare. But my freedom came with a cost. I lived a fictitious life for the next six years, never letting anyone close enough to see underneath the facade that was Andra Walker. I was content with my simple little life. Until I met Julian. And the moment I started allowing myself to open up, allowing someone to see through the superficial, was the very same moment the Monster from my past would return to find me.
 (Summary from Goodreads)

I couldn't do a better summary for the book.

I picked this book, because Amazon recmmended it for me. I didn't even read the back or mark it on Goodreads when I started it. It was a leap of faith when I turned the first page.

I have to say, I was not disappointed. Not at all. The story of Cora, or Andra which ever you prefer), was captivating from the beginning and I read it in one sitting. I loved the story and hownit revealed itself during the course of the book. There was no over load of information in part, which was just perfect.  

It was funny and tragic, loving and hurting, it was everything at the same time. Whitney Barbetti has been abel to catch so many emotions on the paper, that sometimes you just have to close the book, so you can breathe. Truly an amazing book.

He Found Me deserves every single one of its stars.


Review: Ashes to Ashes

First it makes you think what is going on. At the beginning it doesn't reveal much, it might feel slow and a bit frustrating.

Then you're captivated, you actually know nothing about the characters and happenings but still you want to read faster and faster.

In the end, your heart stops. You didn't expect it. It came out of the blue. You might cry, or as I did, just stare the page for a long, long time.

Then you inhale the rest of the book and stare at the wall.

Ashes to Ashes truly is slow in the beginning, but the more you read, the more you love it. The story itself is quite mysterious and at some parts frustrating, but it pays back in the end. It definetly is a 'read in one sitting' book. It took me longer because of my ever nearing deadlines of everything else, but I am greatful that I read 90% of it in one sitting.

The author doesn't reveal much of the characters, so there is the feeling of secrets all the time. The characters and the world seem to have their own ones that they can't reveal. That, I think, was the part I really loved about the book. The feeling that you need to know more, that you can't stop if you don't.

I can't talk about the book more, because it reveals so much if I do. Just go and read it, it really is very quick, only about 3-4 hours, depending your speed.

All in all, I gave it ★★★★☆.

2 Oct 2015

October TBR

This month's TBR consists mostly of books I've recieved via Netgalley, but there's also some others like Ashes to Ashes and Queen of Shadows.

I'm getting my copy of Queen of Shadows in about 12 hours and I can't wait. Like, can't-sleep-can't-think-can't-do-anything-normal - can't wait.

1 Oct 2015

September Wrap-Up

I had time to read few books this month... Most of them has a review posted earlier, so if you're interested in reading go check them out!

Review: Hour of Mischief

Want to read a book about how to be badass and make snarky side comments while being funny and really caring?
Go read Aimee Hyndman's Hour of Mischief.

I've got to say, that this book made me wow. I had no expectations about it when I requested and recieved it via Netgalley, but when I started it, wow.


From the beginning the main character Janet was amazing. There's just no other word for it. Janet is a seventeen year old girl with one prosthetic metal arm, flame red hair and an army of witty comments to throw at you, so she's perfect. Janet can be caring and concerned she can grieve, but she doesn't wallow in her grief. She is an awesome team leader who never abandons her team and also does everyhting to get them out of trouble, even a pact with a god.

Itazura, the god of Mischief, is much like Janet. He has a load full of irritating comments and enough  sarcasm to share. Because he is the god of mischief, he has to act like it, but sometimes he let's his true self leak true, and those moments are just amazing to read. Together wiht Janet they make an amazing duet during the book, and no, I am not talking about love or relationships other than if-you-don't-move-I'll-punch-you - relationship. And that happened quite a lot.

The story is based in a world where twelve Clockwork gods rule, so one for each hour. They have four hands in the clock instead of three and every god has their qualities. For example, Itazura is the master of mischief and thievery, Laetatia is the god of festivities, so a great tolerance for alcohol and parties and you get the drill. Then there are the beasts of Abyss, a pack of monsters trying to kill Janet.

For me it took few chapter to get in to the story, but after that I read it as fast as I could. And when ever I'll see this one in a book store, I'll definetly go and buy it! And the cover. That is just beautiful!