26 Jul 2019

Mini-Review: Holmes (Hotel #3)

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

From Goodreads:
It's been six months since Holly broke her heart in paradise, but she didn't let the experience go to waste. She's moved to be close to the beach, and racked up some weekend frequent flyer points getting out to new experiences. She's not living to work anymore, but working to live. That dream job, it's exactly that. Holly's never had a better boss than Roger Holmes. But men. No, no men. Holly can't bear the thought of going through another heartbreak, and with Holmes City Resort hosting the International Conference for Hoteliers in a week, Holly definitely doesn't have time for a man. Yet, two men are standing there, demanding she choose one of them. Can Holly forgive the man who betrayed her and is now ready to try a real relationship? Or will promises kept win her heart back again?

Holly's heart has been crushed into little pieces by the revelation of Sean Cassidy's heritage and connections. Sixteen months ago she escaped back to Australia, but now the past wants to make amends with her, and neither of the men is willing to give her up. 

It's the conclusion Holly deserves to get after the whirlwind of emotions she had to go through first with Benjamin Henderson and later with Sean Cassidy. Holly has sworn off men until the Hotelier conference is over, but fate seems to have her fingers in the game. Two names are on the guestlist that Holly tries to avoid more than the plague. Two men who broke her heart and made her want to escape far away

When I was asked to review the final addition to Holly's story I couldn't say 'yes' fast enough. This series has been perfect quickies that boost my reading on top of the fact that they are entertaining reads. 

There is a sixteen-month-long gap between the previous book and this one, which differs a lot from the timeline between the first and the second books. Holly has definitely immersed herself into her work and is enjoying it wholeheartedly. I was torn between Henderson and Cassidy. Which one did I support? Which one wanted to be 'the One' for Holly? To be honest, it changed from chapter to chapter. In the end, I think she made the best choice for her. 

There's a fourth book in the Hotel series called Best Man. I understand it follows a different set of characters, but there might be appearances from the previous books as well. 

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